Scrubbers Manufacturers Chennai

Scrubber Manufacturing & Dealership Services Chennai:

We are the leading suppliers of scrubbers for various industries which depend on FRP, PP/FRP, PVC/FRP. Being the leading Scrubber Manufacturers & Dealers of Chennai, India we are committed to offer scrubbing systems which are tailor made & properly customized to fit the scrubber requirements of our clients. We provide eco-friendly solutions by manufacturing and supplying scrubbers used in FRP tanks of various industries that helps in reduction of air pollution by regulating discharge of contaminants from chemical processes.

Why SSK Fibre’s Scrubbers?

  • We offer cost effective scrubbing system solutions for wide range of industries.
  • Our scrubber systems are effective air pollution control devices which are used to eliminate contaminants like particulates, gases from industrial exhaust streams.
  • We help sustaining the environment friendliness through our diversified scrubbers which scrub out unwanted pollutants from gas stream that leaked out during processes of industries.


SSK Fibre’s dedicated team of professionals have wide experience in the scrubber manufacturing and supplying industry. With experience of a decade, we provide Scrubber manufacturing and dealership services to our long list of clients across Tamilnadu, India. Our extensive solutions on scrubbing systems helps industries get rid of the harmful gaseous pollutants, acid gages and other contaminated particulates which arises due to the various industrial processes of power plants, sugar mills, pharmaceutical plants and petro chemical industries.