FRP Cable Trays Chennai

FRP Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray

FRP Cable Tray Manufacturing & Dealership Services Chennai:

SSK Fibre is the leading FRP cable tray manufacturers and dealers in Chennai, India. FRP Cable Trays manufactured by our company are high in strength, excellent in performance and long lasting. We Manufacture FRP Cable Trays according to our clients varying requirements with the focus on cost effectiveness. The FRP Cable Trays manufactured by us are good in heat dispersion, has excellent ventilation property, does not contain electromagnetic property and are light in weight.

We are the sought after manufacturers and suppliers in FRP cable tray industry. The FRP Cable Trays Manufactured by SSK Fibre is used in control cables, lighting, wiring etc. We specialize in manufacturing FRP Cables that are suitable for highly corrosive environments. We are the pioneers in FRP Cable Tray manufacturers and dealers, these FRP Cable trays are made of glass reinforced polyester and used where protection has a real function. SSK Fibre are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of FRP cable trays which are used in Railway cable laying, Telephone Cable laying, Electrical Cable laying. They are very useful for protection of medium and low tension cable on walls.

We Manufacture and Supply FRP Cable Trays in various types such as Ladder type and Perforated type. We manufacture FRP cable trays which are Light in weight, possess higher strength, easily installed, resistant to corrosion and weather and resistant to most chemicals. Our team of professionals Manufacture and Supply FRP Cable trays that Do not conduct heat or electricity and also protects the cables and Gives added fire protection to the cables in case of external fire.