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FRP Ducts

FRP Ducts

FRP Ducts Manufacturing & Dealership Services Chennai:

We are the leading Ducts Manufacturers in Chennai India. We manufacture ducts which are ideal for conveying gases and corrosive fumes that are generated during the various processes in the chemical industries like Power plants, Petro chemical industries, Sugar Mills, Automobile Industries and Pharmaceuticals. SSK Fibre is the specialist in Cost effective, Premium quality Ducts Manufacturing services that efficiently serves the need of the various industries.

We manufacture high quality Ducts which suppresses the aggressive gases that has very high velocity, high temperature and which are hugely corrosive in nature. The corrosive effect of gases needs to be taken care with great heed since it poses wide range of threats to environment. Our exceptional quality Ducts helps protecting industries, individuals and environment from highly dangerous conveying gases and corrosive fumes.

The advantages of using FRP & Dual laminates duct are their superior acoustical qualities, equal air flow performance and resistance to corrosion that caused due to soil conditions or moisture. We are the pioneers in FRP & Dual laminates Duct manufacturing and dealership services. These FRP & Dual laminated ducts are much stronger and far superior to light gauge steel and aluminium. The ducts manufactured by us are exceptional in quality and exceeds performance

SSK Fibre manufactures ducts that are Compatible and Versatile. We use FRP and Dual laminate fitting with FRP and duct laminates to ensure higher performance that enhanced with compatibility and versatility. Our Ducts Manufacturing services are far superior than the available Duct manufacturing services companies in the market. We are committed to offer customized Ducts Manufacturing solutions that pushes us a step ahead of our competitors.